Baby Powder Scented Candle

Baby Powder Scented Candle

For Savannah’s baby shower, Eric’s sister gave me a Baby Powder scented candle. It smells fantastic and just like a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. I found the designer on Etsy and have already ordered an Island Coconut candle for the house. :)

It’s all natural and made from soy.


Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple

I try to only post recipes on here that I’ve tried. I get a lot of recipe ideas from pinterest, but they don’t always turn out like the pictures. This one did! I didn’t grill the entire pineapple as shown in the picture. I cut it up into large chunks and set them on there. I topped it with vanilla bean ice cream. My husband added a little chocolate to his. :)

It’s a super easy dessert for camping or a cookout. Give it a whirl at your next BBQ!
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Spring Fashionista

There’s So Much I Love About This Outfit

What are your thoughts on mixing floral and stripes?


Island Living

Island Living

Sometimes I think I should just live on a beach and wear linen everyday. Then I realize that wouldn’t pay the bills right now and decide to accept the suburbs.

I found a new clothing website this week that can give you the island feel no matter where you live. It’s like a pastel version of Anthropologie. They have some cute tunics and dresses. Lots of pastels…did I mention that? Lots of happiness. Go check out Island Company. It will make you happy!


Bikini season

Bikini Season

I love love love the print on this bikini! Super sexy and sassy!


Fashionable Lace Skirt

Fashionable Lace Skirt

There is no chance of me fitting my baby bump into this outfit, but I’m going to post it for post baby! :) The lace skirt is stylish and light weight. I always love layering long necklaces too!


Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Crossbody Bag

Hot Pink Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Crossbody Bag

I bought this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac for my best friend’s birthday. She’s a big fan of Rebecca’s collection and always looking for a stylish accessory. I got her the hot pink one, but the azure colored one is pretty phenomenal as well. It’s so durable and chic. It surprisingly is very spacious inside as well. I say this because us girls love to travel with our entire house in our purse. Well now we can!


Ruffles and Jean Shirt

Ruffled Cowgirl

I’m not really sure what I like about this outfit because I would never pair any of this together, but for some reason it works for this girl.


Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace

Blue, Green, Periwinkle, and Gold Statement Necklace

Now that I’m pregnant, I find that I spend most of my time looking for accessories that I can wear regardless of the size of my bump. Earrings, necklaces, and bags are pretty much the main things I’m on the hunt for right now. I figure those things will still be good post baby, and they don’t make me as agitated as searching for maternity dresses.

You all know my love for Stella & Dot, and I’ve been hitting their online store hard lately. They’ve got some super cute springy accessories that need to make their way to my closet. Below is one of the statement necklaces I haven’t bought yet but am considering. The description on the site says it can be worn short or long. I would probably go long, like the model in the photo. I’m not big on stuff hugging my neck. I like the semi-precious strands of blues, greens, periwinkles and gold all joined together in a trendy way. It’s a multi-functional type of necklace too. I can easily wear it out shopping or to a nice dinner.

Maybe post baby I will be thin like the model again. Until then, me and my chubby little cheeks could be super sassy in this. :)